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My photography workshops teach photographers of varying skill and experience levels many different aspects of photography. Check back frequently as new workshops become available.


Mastering Manual

You have a really nice, advanced (and expensive) DSLR camera, which is great. But learning to use that camera to capture the images the way you envision them in your head? That’s difficult. It can be just as difficult to find a place or a teacher who can show you how to do it. I understand, which is why I designed my Mastering Manual workshop to teach the fundamentals of using a DSLR with confidence and expertise.

Here are some of the things Mastering Manual workshop attendees learn and begin practicing within minutes:

-Photography Basics
-Shutter Speed
-Finding the best light (indoors and outdoors)
-Technical Instruction on how to use your specific camera
-White Balance
-Mastering Focus
-Captivating your subject

Requirements: a DSLR camera and a 50mm prime lens

This workshop is not intended for professional photographers within 50 miles of Northwest Indiana.

The investment for this workshop is $500. I work patiently and directly with each attendee, so each workshop has a maximum enrollment of 4 attendees—and the slots fill very quickly. Upcoming workshop dates are posted here.
What others are saying:

This workshop was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend, I had some reservations about it after I found out that I was the only male in the workshop but Beth makes everyone feel comfortable, from the first email contact, to initial meeting of the rest of the group and throughout the entirety of the workshop. Beth was accommodating in every way imaginable. She made sure we all got to know one another a little bit before we began the workshop which made us all more comfortable with asking questions and interacting with one another. When Beth began going over subjects such as ISO, F-stop, “the golden hour”, aperture, buttons I never knew existed on my DSLR and so on, my head began to spin. However she made sure we ALL had an understanding before we moved on to the next topic of discussion. Beth breaks down the technical portion of photography in a way that anyone can understand it and speak the language of photography.

What seemed like astrophysics to me was all making sense like never before. The mastering manual workshop was most definitely eye opening, fun and rewarding.Reviewing the photos that I was taking, I couldn’t believe that it was me behind the camera. I was completely nervous about photographing people (something I’ve never done) but once we started, I was hooked! I never thought capturing the beauty of another person through my camera lens could be so rewarding, not to mention fun. I purchased the required 50mm lens for the course with every intention of returning it after the workshop, but I can’t imagine continuing on with photography without it now! Beth’s mastering manual workshop has empowered me with the knowledge to take photos with an artistic vision and it’s allowed me to really have FUN with my camera again, something that’s been missing for me for a long time. Thank you Beth for a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to taking another workshop with you!” …Jimmy B.

I just finished Beth’s Mastering Manual class and left feeling SO inspired! I arrived to the class and literally had not taken even one shot on my Nikon DSLR camera – I was a little overwhelmed. Beth’s organized yet laid back approach was perfect for me. Within hours we had our cameras out and were taking beautiful pictures. I also want to emphasize how important the small class size was too. It allowed Beth to spend time with each of us, our unique cameras and offer feedback specific to each attendee. The notes and practical knowledge provided a great foundation and the confidence I needed to start (and keep!) taking photos. I’m so glad I invested in this time for me!” …Laura P.



  • Donna - Hi Beth,

    The camera you recommended was wonderful! I definitely want to learn to use it better so will watch for workshops in the New Year. Thank you for the recommendation and tips before we left. Will you be in the studio before Christmas? I have a Christmas gift for all our tenants and want to catch you while you’re in.

    Donna Rice

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