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Mastering Manual

Mastering Manual – $425.00 February 16 + 17 9am – 1pm

This two day workshop will teach you how to make the most of your DSLR by taking it out of AUTO

This comprehensive workshop will cover:

-how to shoot in manual

-understanding white balance

-mastering focus

I have created this workshop to make the most of our time. Prior to the workshop, I will order a field guide manual for your specific DSLR. I will highlight and mark the most important aspects to learning to use your camera (specific buttons, etc). (attendees will be able to keep these books) Within the first two hours, I will sit down with each attendee and show each button on your camera that makes shooting in manual possible. We will then spend the remaining time during the workshop understanding and perfecting their functions.

Homework will be assigned on day one, each attendee will have to email me their assignments in the evening and I will go over (constructively) the assignments on day two. We will take as much time necessary answering any questions regarding the assignments. On day two, we will also have models available for practice.

I can guarantee that you will be shooting in manual after the first two hours of class. I guarantee you will be shooting confidently at the end of the second day.

A light breakfast and full lunch will be served on both days.

This workshop is only available to THREE individuals due to the one-on-one nature.

Owning a 50mm 1.8 lens is required for this workshop. If you do not have one, they’re typically priced around $110 on Amazon. If you need assistance in purchasing one, feel free to email me.

IMPORTANT: this workshop is also only available once you have take the Photography Tips and Tricks Workshop (information above)

To register for either class, please email me and let me know which (or both) and I will send out a Paypal invoice. Once that’s taken care of, you will be all set and ready to improve your photography skills!

This workshop takes place at my natural light studio in Chesterton. (near Coffee Creek)

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