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So, Emily is my niece.

I distinctly recall the day Emily was born. I remember the weather, talking to her Mama a few hours after she gave birth to her dainty little girl, I remember my crazy, short blonde hair…

As a toddler, she had the most amazing curls on her head.

Later this month, I’ll be flying to Colorado Springs to photograph my nephew, Evan, for his senior photos.

I feel so lucky to play this role in my nieces and nephews lives, I get to capture their cuteness and their personalities during this exciting time.

I’m grateful that I get to be behind the camera but not nearly as grateful as I am to have them in my family.

{Emily. Class of 2015}

Senior Session
$500 | 90 minutes | 2-3 outfit changes
36 wallets
40-45 digital images and the rights to print

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The Kosinski family actually lives in Washington state. They have family that lives in Northwest Indiana, so I’ve been lucky enough to photograph them three times in the past year.

I met Matty when he was just three months old, it has been such a joy to photograph him throughout his first year. Cake smash sessions are a perfect way to celebrate a little one’s entrance into toddlerhood. Matty was a great cake smasher. I mean, he wore a bow tie, how could it go wrong?!

Cake Smash Session: $300
30 minutes, 20 digital images, cake + props provided.

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I’m so thankful for families like the Drake family. They choose me to capture their family year after year and each time it becomes more and more intimate. I am honored to capture their littles ones as they grow.

We tried something different from our usual and went to the beach. It was just FUN. There’s no other word to describe it. Jaxon LOVED the water and it wasn’t too long before he was soaked but Mom and Dad just let it go and they enjoyed their family time, as I captured it.

I love the results.

Family Sunset Session:
$150 due upon booking
$350 40 digital high-resolution images and the rights, due within 7 days of the session, one hour, on-location


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  • mona drake - I love it beth…couldn’t ask for a better photographer. You are amazing. Thank you for always being so patient with my kids and capturing truly awesome memories.

Three important rules when you are a Mom with a love for photography:

1. learn how to use your camera – really learn, not just guess.
2. always know where your camera is
3. don’t instruct, don’t interrupt play, just let them be.


I notice Clara sitting on my bed sitting with the iPad.

Clara web 4969I grab my camera, the battery isn’t in it, I put it in and begin shooting. I don’t say a word.  But she hears the clicks. I still remain silent.

Clara web 4971

She pops up and repositions herself.Clara web 4980Clara web 4983

Inside I am dying at how old and beautiful she looks. I keep shooting.Clara web 4985Clara web 4988

She pops up…Clara web 4989Clara web 4991

and begins dancing…Clara web 4995Clara web 4996Clara web 4999

…and laughing…Clara web 5001

…and spinning…Clara web 5006_1

…I begin laughing with all of my heart and soul. (she loves it when she makes me laugh with all of my heart and soul.)Clara web 5011_1Clara web 5013_1

…the silliness, the pure clara-ness continues…Clara web 5029_1Clara web 5031_1Clara web 5053_1

…she’s so wonderfully Clara…I still don’t say a word…Clara web 5066_1Clara web 5074_1

…her sissy lays with her…Clara web anna 5078_1Clara web anna 5079_1Clara web anna 5084_1

…they are both in sister heaven…Clara web anna 5091and the silliness continues…Clara web anna 5094

…for both of them…Clara web anna 5107Clara web anna 5110

…the magic continues, even when the dancing and jumping stop…Clara web anna 5112Clara web anna 5117

11:58 am … and then they were called to lunch and we were on our merry way.Clara web anna 5118

Seven minutes gone in an instant but a memory that will last always.

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  • Sarah Halsteaed - Love this Beth. So beautiful. Also I love your room, the light is amazing!!