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hmmm….so apparently, if I don’t post in a while, my blog will eat some of the posts I did write. Rude! I have no idea where they went but they are gone.

I’ve been wanting to share this session with you for quite awhile. We had so much fun and all while in the lot next to their home in Dyer. (see? who needs a park? or a perfect man made backdrop?!)

Please check back often, I have A LOT of updating to do. Can you believe my little one is already six weeks old?

Check out this sweet little one’s beautiful blue eyes.






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So, I had this session with this sweet little girl. When my assistant handed the baby to me after setting up, I literally gasped at her beauty. (by the way, the only reason why I have an assistant right now is because I am 38 months pregnant. She’s very helpful and I love her.)

Collard WM 1974

The baby slept beautifully for our session and she has two equally beautiful older sisters.

She’s very loved. And very lucky.


Collard 1862





Am I right? Beautiful and lucky. Or maybe I’m the lucky one for being able to capture her.

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  • Kim - you’re killing me with the last one! so precious!

  • mandy - these are amazingly beautiful, and I am not just saying that cause i love all you do. You inspire me and I wish I had a tad of your enthusiasm and energy!

I had been envisioning a session in my head. A picnics. Trees. Flowers. Color. Laughter. Games.


Last summer I began talking to my husband about what ideas were brewing in my head. Often when we get in the car, that’s where I start to share my ideas and thoughts for Beth Fletcher Photography. He’s a great listener.

This past winter I held a contest, giving away a free session and $150 in free prints. Kris entered and won. I was so excited to be able to do a session with her family but I had no idea what was truly in store.

It took a few days for me to put two and two together. It was winter so I often found myself dreaming about summer sessions, especially in June (my favorite month!), I then remembered that Kris was a florist and that she also had a beautifully landscaped backyard. I didn’t know if she still worked with flowers or not but the idea popped into my head.

I just knew this was the family to with with my idea. Like the puzzle being put together.

So, I emailed her, I told her my ideas and not surprisingly Kris said “okay! and any other ideas you have…okay!” (she’s so wonderfully laid back. I adore that in her.)

As the day approached we planned and shared ideas and it just so happened that she was wanting to get her floral design business back in business. It just so happens, and I say this with my hand on my heart that Kris is brilliant at what she does. When she puts an arrangement together …

The day game. The weather was windy but the lighting was perfect. Her husband hung mason jars from the trees and placed candles inside and her floral designs were out of this world, surpassing all of my visions and expectations. Our session began.

It was so much fun.





And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m dreaming up other ideas now. Just waiting to execute.

Thank you, Livovich Family. You are beautiful!

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  • Kris - Thank YOU. These pictures were exactly what I hoped them to be and more. You have some amazing talent, Beth. And more than just a session, it was fun!

Yesterday it was blazing hot. But the Greene Family and I stuck to our guns and went ahead with our planned session. I am so glad we did. You’d never know by looking at these images just how hot it really was. It’s such a pleasure photographing this family. I also captured Keegan when he turned 3 months old and I’ll be back again when he’s 9 months old. (incidentally, I’ll also be nine months pregnant. He and I can celebrate together!)

Enjoy the photos. I hope you all have a happy and safe Fourth of July! It’s time for me to heat up the grill and get ready for company! I love this time of year!




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  • Kris - my favorite is the one under the tree. Like an old fashioned picnic.

  • Jen - I came over from ISBFL (do you use that acronym =+}). Just wanted to let you know that I adore the shot with the huge tree in the background – beautiful! What an adorable family.

  • Amy Shafe - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one with the big tree. Beautiful photograph. Wish I lived near that tree and had you to take a photo of my family there!! Also, the last one with the baby on the blanket. Great shot.

  • Jodie in MN - I’m going to have to agree, I LOVE the one with the tree!

  • Angelia Sims - There is nothing like chubby baby legs in the air. Too too cute. Wonderful captures, as always.

  • Kelly - He’s the absolute sweetest. I love these pics. Well done!

  • Sarah - I was just taking a peek back here again…and I think everytime I see our photos I love them more! The tree photo turned out just as I had hoped…can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks again!!! Oh and I love everyone else’s comments!

Hi friends! Can you believe it? TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK.

I know, I can’t believe it, either. 😉

I had to come here to show you a very cute almost three year old. I had the pleasure of photographing her on Monday evening, as you can see, she’s not a shy girl. She’s simply fun! (and the warmer weather can stay year round, it has my permission!)







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  • Amy Taylor - LOve them! So excited to see the rest!

  • Stillmary - Oh my goodness!!!!! I love every single one of the beautiful pictures. You’ve done a stellar job of capturing an absolutely gorgeous little girl!