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Interesting information about me: three of my favorite names are Betsy, Bethany and Bessie. I never used any of those for my own girls because I felt like I was being egotistical because my name is Beth. My oldest daughter recently told me she wished her name was Bethany. She had no idea that I love that name.

Wait. Maybe that’s not all that interesting.

I loved this session. It was a big secret session, a gift for Bessie’s husband so it was all hush-hush but now that we are many weeks past Christmas, I guess I can share these images with you. I photographed Caroline, her daughter, for her first birthday in August 2011. When Bessie emailed me and told me she was pregnant, oh man, I was really excited. I’ll do a post with Caroline’s sister’s newborn session soon. It’s a good one.

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