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One beautiful, windy, sunny day in October, I received the text that Lauren was in labor. I was so excited to shoot this birth. Upon meeting Lauren a few weeks before her due date, I knew we had a lot in common. I walked into the hospital room, she was dilated to about 6, maybe 7, things were progressing well, not too quickly, not too slow. We even contemplated a trip to Walgreens for nail polish so we could beautify her toes before delivering her sweet little boy.

Not too long later, the nurse said she was fully dilated. No nail painting for us!

Lauren began to push.

and push.

and push.

She never skipped a chance to push, even as her energy level was decreasing. After two hours of constant pushing, I could see the weariness in her eyes but inside of her, the goal to deliver this baby burned as brightly as ever.

So she continued to push.

and push.

and push.

When finally her doctor came in and said that after all that pushing, over three hours of it, the baby hadn’t really moved at all and that it was her recommendation that the baby be delivered via c-section. Everyone was in agreement. This needed to happen.

Before we could blink, Lauren was whisked away while her husband, Bryant, bravely and calmly waited to be called back.

We waited.

and waited.

and waited.

until finally, those doors opened and out came a proud papa, walking alongside his precious son.

Lauren’s  determination was like something I had never seen before – it was beautiful, refreshing but also difficult to watch her go through so much. It was amazing how gracefully she handled it all.

I hope you enjoy these images, they truly show this amazing story of endurance and love.

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  • Heather - Awwwwwww, I am SOOO glad they were able to have you come! Love this little family! Beautiful moments captured!

  • Micki - Beth, the photos are wonderful. Beautiful. Yes, I saw the determination as well as the weariness. Awesome photos, beautiful family.

  • Carolina - Wow!!! such beautiful work

Hi there,

If you’re visiting my blog, you’re seeing a whole new, fresh look that feels like me. When I showed my new logo to my sister, she said ” wow, it looks like someone pulled that from your insides.” which is a little gross but once you get past that it’s actually amazing and beautiful and so true.

I had the amazing pleasure of working with Sara Seeton. She was fantastic to work with, I highly recommend her.

Not only did my logo and website change but I merged both my website and my blog so I only have the one site now. (the one that you’re viewing.) I also have a new pricing structure and new packages making life simpler for all of us. Oh and my portfolio has finally been updated.

So, take a peek around and make yourself at home, I’m so happy you’re here.

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  • Laura - I love how fresh and simple your site is. You’re beautiful photos really stand out. It’s very lovely! Nice job!

One of the things I teach in my workshop is allowing your children to be themselves when taking their photo. That the “CHEESE” smile isn’t the image you really need to capture, it’s the one where they are themselves that will capture your heart every time you see the print. (you do print your images, right?!) (neither do I. DANGIT.)

With that, I also talk about how, no matter what, we all still try to get that perfect photo where all children are looking at the camera with perfect smiles and no blinking. (or drool. or messy hair or a finger up someone’s nose.)

Even I, the person who teaches people to let go of the perfect shot, still try for the perfect photo.

Every month, I take a photo of all four of my kids together, in one spot, in a somewhat organized manner. It’s a very rare occasion where they’re all looking at my camera, and I’m realizing that it REALLY is okay. This past Sunday I decided to take photos of my kids – it seemed like a good day, everyone had slept well, we had just eaten breakfast, the sun was shining…

it went very well. It was quick.

When I was going through the photos, I realized that every single shot could be considered an outtake, even the two I loved so desperately. I’ve decided to share the outtakes with you today, and then, at the end, the two images I love so much that I’m brought to tears every time I look at them. Even though, there’s nothing “perfect” about the photo, it’s captured THEM perfectly and I love that so very much.

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  • Nancy - These are fantastic. LOVE the outakes! Print some pictures, woman!!

  • Elena - Looks like it was a fun shoot! Love all the smiles! These came out great!

  • Lindsay - I just had to comment & say that I absolutely love the photo where the 3 bigger kids are all looking at the camera & Clara is laying down in front of them. It’s like a replication of the picture hanging on the wall behind them! 🙂

  • Erin - shoot your oldest is your.twin. Adorable. Love all those pics and what you notice is the light and the sweetness, not the “it wasn’t perfect” part. Can’t believe the baby is that big either 🙂

Truth: I love working with seniors. Haley’s session was so fun because the light was amazing and she is adorable. Even though it was pretty early in the morning and the wind was ferocious it was still magnificent.

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  • Lynda Hodges - The wind WAS howling! But who can argue with the results?? I love the way that wild mane was moving around. Only an expert, professional (and maybe a little crazy!) photographer would have tackled this challenge! 🙂