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I get to photograph the Luke family every three months or so since they booked the Baby to First Year package. I love watching and capturing Broderick. This session was so tricky because out of no where storm clouds appeared. We decided to go ahead with the session and then we got rained on but we stuck it out and then we were rewarded with the most beautiful golden light. Such a fun night!

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I photograph my children often but not nearly as often as most people would think. Last night, while eating dinner, the summer sun was shining so brightly, I looked at the kids and said “I have the best idea. Let’s have a summer session tonight!”

They groaned, Complained. Fell to the floor. and maybe cried a little.

BUT. I told them this session involved ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop and that there would be no posing – just eating ice cream.

They stopped complaining. Typically, we go to Dari Dip a few times month, we use the drive-thru and eat our cones in the car while listening to music. And then we get home and I give Clara’s car seat a bath. Last night was different, they could walk up to the window, without me and eat their ice cream outside. It was such a treat!

And so are the photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved taking them!

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  • Amy - Absolutely adorable! Love these photos!

  • Mandy - I’m a “stranger” but I’ve been reading your blog(s) for years. I first have to say I have missed “listening” to you every day over at folding laundry. Second, I love this post. I adore that Noah is holding on to both little ones in the first picture. I love that Clara isn’t sharing her ice cream in the second picture and that Noah’s face says, “what else is new?”. As a sorority sister of your sister, I’m amazed at how much I see Sarah’s profile in Anna in the second picture and of course, I’m obsessed with Anna laughing…makes me giggle too. Beautiful kids.

  • Amanda Ladd - Adorable!

Oh, Emma. Emma was the sweetest 2 month old baby in the history of ever. Her age was something a little different for me, typically the baby is either brand new or 3 months old when they visit me in the studio but, oh my, did she show me what fun it was to work with a two month old! So sweet and alert and then … sleepy. Her session goes down as one of my favorites ever. The best part? She has a first year plan so I get to photograph her every three months!

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  • Nancy Collins - How could you ever pick one to frame? She has the bluest eyes ever. Emma’s mommy teaches with my oldest daughter.