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Oh, how I love this session. One of the first sessions of 2016 when my favorite field was lush and in bloom. I thought I would share this particular session for two reasons

one: it’s gorgeous.

two: they just added a little guy to their family this month, their sweet family of four were in the studio just this week.

So, enjoy this sweetness. And I don’t just mean little Emerson enjoying her cake.


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She’s the youngest of four, she’s small and mighty and opinionated and complicated and the very best snuggler in the world. She says she loves me because I’m the softest and the warmest. She loves her siblings and expects lots from them. She loves to stay at home and be in pajamas, she colors and sings and laughs with her whole soul. She sometimes talks about how she wishes she were a baby so I could carry her everywhere again.

my sweet baby clara.

She turned five last year, on October 1. I haven’t written about her birthday until now. I didn’t edit these images until months after her birthday. But I’m okay with that. I’ve been a mom long enough to remember that my best is all I can do. So whether this post was written six months late or published at 12:01am on October 1st, 2016, it doesn’t make a difference.

and her birthday party? It was pink, seriously, it was a pink party, we had some family over. We cuddled and laughed, I interviewed her, asking her about her favorite things (see below). On her birthday, we made chili, which she requested, we followed it up with cake made from a box.

Hours weren’t poured into planning the perfect party, zero seconds were spent going to pinterest, instead, hours were poured into making her feel love and reminding me how crazy lucky I am to be her Mama.

I hope she always thinks I’m the warmest and the softest, there is nothing else I would rather be.


and now, Clara’s birthday interview:

Hi Clara.

Hi, Mommy.

How are you?


What’s tomorrow?
It’s my birthday.

How old will you be?


Are you pretty excited? Yeah. How excited? 100 million excited.

What are you doing on your birthday? I’m going to sing Happy Birthday to me, we are going to have a pink party, my cousins and my grandma and my grandpa are coming.

What is your favorite color? Pink
What’s is your animal? zebras
What is your favorite fruit? strawberries
What is your favorite vegetable? green beans and carrots
What is your favorite food? Mac and cheese.
What did you do when you were four? I went to Florida, Alabama, California and Kentucky.
Wow, so you’ve been a busy four year old? yes

Did you start ballet lessons? How do you like it? I love ballet because I love my Mommy. My dance teacher is Caitlyn.
What is your favorite song? Endless Love
The one by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross? Yes.
Why do you like it so much? Because it’s so sweet and because I love you so much.

Who is your best friends? Aspen and Livie and Coraline.

What do you love about Anna? I love her a little because she gives me milky and hugs.
What do you love about Noah? I love Noah a little because he has mosquitos bites all over her legs and his arms and hands and back and head. And that’s why he’s so hurty.
What do you love about Eli? I love Eli a little because he’s so silly.
What do you love about Harper? I love her so much because she’s a puppy and a cause she licks me.

What do you want to be when you’re older? A mail woman.

What do you love to do at school? I love to eat snacks and play games and make crafts and I love my teachers.

What do you want to do when you’re five? I want to go to disney world and the beach

What do you love about your Mama? I want to cuddle with her forever because she’s funny and she shops.

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  • Nancy Collins - I love sweet, adorable, funny Clara so much!! It truly breaks my heart that she is going to be done with preschool so soon and she is the last of the Fletcher children to come to preschool. What am I going to do without a Fletcher child to love on????

The first time I met the Burns family was on the beach, right before our session. The beach was different on this particular evening, it was actually smaller, like half the size and the wind was gusting, easily 25mph. The waves were giant and loud…we knew very early on that there would not be any of the perfect “portrait” type shots, but luckily, I don’t think that’s what any of us wanted. We just wanted fun and that’s what we had. I captured a lot of fun, love and the best freckles. One of my most memorable sessions of the year.


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  • Janet - These pictures are stunning!