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With birth photography, my work begins in active labor up until 1-2 hours after the baby is born.

Each client receives 50-75 edited, high-resolution digital images on a disc 3-4 weeks after the baby is born. If the family wishes, 2-3 sneak peeks will be available the day of the birth for social media purposes.

I take only one birth client per month for availability purposes. If I miss the birth, due to weather or if labor progresses before I arrive, the deposit paid will go towards a newborn or family session. Deposits are non-refundable, however, a replacement session will be given of equal value.

Price: $650.00
$300 due upon booking
$350 due at week 36 of pregnancy
at 36 weeks, a meeting between myself and parents will be held to make sure I know exactly what the parents’ wishes are for me capturing the birth of their child.

Having four children of my own, I know what it’s like to have a dream birth experience. I also know what it’s like when things do not go as planned. As your photographer and someone chosen to be with you during your birth experience, I take into consideration your comfort level the entire time I am in the room. Nothing is more important to me than making sure you are comfortable with your entire experience. My desire to give you a gallery of emotionally rich and technically perfect images could not be greater.

A client wrote a review of working with me during her birth. The review is listed below the images:

Top 3 choices I’ve made thus far in my life:

–       -Marrying my husband

–       -Having my son

–       -Hiring Beth Fletcher to photograph my birthing experience


Seriously, I was one of those “gosh I don’t know if I want a photographer there during such an intimate experience” types of people.  And then I met Beth.  The moment she arrived at the hospital, I was so thankful that she was there.  She knew how to fade into the background and allow my husband and I to have special, private moments together.  She knew how to encourage me and to make me more comfortable (I’m pretty confident that she would have painted my toenails had I asked).  But most importantly, she knew how to capture these amazing moments.  I was expecting pictures, but what I received was so much more than that.  Beth was somehow able to capture all of the emotion from that day.   I cherish the photographs that I have from my son’s birth more than anything.  These are moments that I will never be able to get back, but can relive anytime I would like because I chose to have Beth there.  And it was the best decision ever.

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