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Eli turns six!

He was born on the best day. I only say that it was the best day because he made it the best day. This gorgeous, sweet little baby was ours. Watching him grow has been amazing. His personality is like none I have ever seen. He loves to play, he loves to laugh, he LOVES adventure. At the age of 5, he rode on roller coasters even his older siblings wouldn’t ride on. He creates. He explores. He loves and appreciates new food. If he hears a child say he doesn’t like something and Eli hasn’t had it before, he’ll try and he usually loves it. He’s so smart and uses his hands when he talks, his expressions are so amazing and he’s thoughtful.

Eli has a soulful way about him. He’s thoughtful and he loves and he looks into your eyes when you talk to him. Sometimes you’ll be talking to him and he’ll grab your cheeks and tell you how much he loves you.

He’s also very smart.

Obviously, I think he’s amazing. But you can see for yourself. I interviewed eli last night for our annual interview (below)2016-03-29_0002.

Hi eli! Hi

What’s tomorrow? Tomorrow is Tuesday.

What else is tomorrow? My birthday.


How old will you be? 6 years old.

Are you excited about that? Yeah. Why? Because it can not fit on one hand, you need two hands.

That is very exciting!

What do you plan to do tomorrow? Go to sky zone and go to school. Mom and Dad are coming for lunch. What will you be eating? A salad from Panera.

Do you like salads? Yes.

What’s your favorite colors? Blue

What’s your birthday party theme this year? Blue.


What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is tomatoes.

What’s your favorite fruit? Strawberries

What’s your favorite vegetable? Snap peas.

What’s your least favorite vegetable? peas.

What do you enjoy doing? Sitting, riding my bike, playing basketball with Noah and playing knockout. Um, I like to excavate and look for bugs.

Do you like bugs? Yes. Why? Because some bugs don’t bite and some bugs do bite and I think that’s really cool.


What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a lot of things…like a computer worker, a chef, and I want to own a car store and I want to work at Disney World.

Eli, do you love school? Yes, because I love to learn and school is fun and I have the best teacher in the world because she’s nice and gives us hugs.

Do you want to be a Daddy? Yes. I would like 2 kids.

What do you like most about Clara? Um, that she is sometimes silly and she’s cute and that’s all.


What do you like most about Anna? um, um, that um, she gives me hugs and she plays with me sometimes and she loves me.

What do you like most about Noah? That Noah plays knockout with me, he plays minecraft with me, he teaches me and he makes me feel safe. And he lets me sleep in his room.

What do you like most about your Mama? She loves me, when she puts me to bed, she sings and she rubs my head and she kisses me like an old man. And I love my Mom’s food. yumyum.


What did you do when you were five years old? I played with my babysitter, I went to Florida and Alabama and I played with TreyB. I also two teeth.

Who is your best friend? I have a lot of best friends.

Wow, I think that makes you pretty lucky. Yeah. I am pretty lucky.





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  • Tina - That boys is going to change the world….I just know it!

  • Kellyn - Happy Birthday Eli!! You are awesome!!

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