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Anna turns 13!


There’s something about this girl that made me a Mama. She’s always had a great personality, and she’s always been a bit stubborn and has certainly challenged us several times in her life. But lately she’s just a little different, she’s more calm, she’s more patient, she’s helpful and a good listener. She’s excelling in school, she’s becoming the most amazing big sister and she makes me laugh nearly every single day.

She’s just becoming more….selfless.

I can remember when she was just four months old, looking at her and talking to her and thinking “she has so much personality, she makes me want to have ten babies just to see what they’ll all be like!” (little did I know I was pregnant with baby #2, whoopsie!)

I don’t dread her teenage years. I can’t wait to experience them with her. I know not every moment is going to be pretty but I can’t wait to parent her through them…I know she’s going to do amazing things. Of course I sat down with Anna the night before her birthday to ask her a few very important questions:


Hi Anna. Hi.

What’s tomorrow? My birthday.

And how old will you be? Thirteen.

You’re telling me, that tomorrow, you’ll be a teenager? YES.

And are you pretty excited about that? Yes. Why? I don’t know, maybe because I’ll get to do more.

What grade are you in? 7th


This is your first year in middle school, do you enjoy it? meh. What do you like about it? I don’t know, maybe my friends.

Do you have a favorite class? Yes, band, because it’s fun and awesome.

And do you enjoy choir? Yes, it’s fun. Do you notice a difference between choir 6th grade and 7th grade choir? Yes, one, now choir is a period and not an after school activity. You actually get graded on your performances and you take tests

What a some things that will be new to you now that you’re going to be 13? I get to start wearing a little bit of makeup, I get to have data on my phone and I think Harper will love me more.

What are some things that interest you right now? Well, I’ve decided to learn swedish on my own and I still love geography and weather.

Do you love having a little sister? Yes, because she likes to climb on me and she loves me and I like it when she wants me and I like to play with her.

What do you like about Clara? She’s funny and cute.

What do you like most Eli? He’s smart and he’s funny and cute.

What do you like most about Noah? He’s smart and funny and nice.


Do you enjoy the five days when you’re both the same age? I guess, it feels like any other day.

Do you have any crushes? No. well, yes, Evan Peters and Harry Styles.

What’s your favorite vegetable? I like corn, cooked carrots, green beans and peas.

What’s your favorite fruit? APPLES.

What’s your favorite meal? Pasta

What are your favorite things in life? Food, Jenna and music.

Who are your best friends? Emily Case, Mady, Cordie, Angela, Kelly, Emma Kitchen and Julia.


What’s your favorite book right now? That’s hard, that’s not a good question. It really isn’t.

How many books do you read per month? 7

How were grades this grading period? Good, I got all As and Bs and made Principal’s Honor Roll.

What do you love about your Mother? She’s awesome, nice, pretty, funny and the best Mom ever.

Do you like that you are the one who made me a Mom? Yes. Because it’s an accomplishment, I should get a medal for it.

And finally, what words of advice do you have for your younger siblings as they navigate through life? Listen to your mother, listen in school and sleep.



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