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Their spirit

When I teach my workshops, I teach the technical stuff…shutter speed, ISO, aperture, composition, perspective, RAW vs. JPEG, white balance, file storage, editing.

But first. I  teach you to shoot with passion, with heart, with positive energy. I encourage you, the Mom, the Dad, the photographer of the family, I encourage you, the documenter of your child’s life, to have vision, to make your vision happen and mostly, to capture the precious details. The details we forget about when we are old and gray and wishing for something to see that we can clutch to our hearts, to help us remember the beautiful life we have lived.

those silly pajamas, the soft ones that kept your child warm for years. the puppy that traveled to every store and every restaurant and every car ride. the one that comforted your child during illness.


the way the light hit their hair in the morning sun.


the crinkled nosesORD_5425_1

those precious eyelashes. the kissable lips.ORD_5427_1

the silly, quiet, private, tender moments.ORD_5431_1

the sweet love held between two people. two people you created.ORD_5437_1

the security felt between them.ORD_5440_1

and that laughter. that smile. that mouth. you see the photo, you can hear the laughter and feel the love as it makes your heart explode into the happiest little pieces.ORD_5443_1

Photography is about dreaming, capturing, loving what you are creating. these images, whether you scrapbook (not me) or you print and toss them into a box (me), these memories aren’t just for you. they are stories to be told for generations to come.

Just make them the prettiest stories possible.

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