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February 3rd

Today I have a day at home with my two littles. The bigs are at school and the sitter got stuck in Florida, thanks to the 16 inches we received yesterday. I still have work to do today but I’ve decided to take some time documenting part of our day. Each hour I’m hoping to post a few images from the previous hour.


9a-10a Playdoh and people watching



Hour two was pretty uneventful. They played playdoh for a reallllly long time and Harper chewed on a bone. So, I ate a banana, answered a few emails and edited photos. The biggest tip I have for Moms when photographing their children is to not interrupt or instruct. Let them be and shoot away.



The day just gets busier and busier. And maybe messier and messier but we’ll think about that later. I’m still thoroughly enjoying myself as I capture my loves but I’m shooting more which is creating more work.

In this next hour, I think you’ll find me following my own rule of “you don’t always have to capture a face.” As a Mom, I want to capture my children’s lives for them, as a way to document the things they can’t remember. I want to have the type of photo that they’ll look at twenty years down the road and exclaim “I totally forgot about that toy! I used to play with it all the time!” It’s my job as a Mom and Photographer to make these photos pretty.

We laughed so hard when Clara was getting dressed. She couldn’t get her nightgown off or her shirt on. She’s such a fun sport, she just laughed and laughed and I just laughed and snapped. An awesome memory right there.



Again, an hour that sped by. We ate lunch and nutella. Eli told me that for his birthday, he wanted 100 spoons filled with nutella and he wants it wrapped in Nutella wrapping paper. I can’t help  but think that sounds like a fine gift. I once found Eli with his fist stuck in a jar of nutella. He is clearly related to his mother.

In between meals and trains and snacks, the kids seem to be very interested in Legos. And jumping on couches.



We dance a lot in this house. Dance parties are our favorite. Dance parties on the bed? Clara and Eli absolutely love. When I got Clara out of bed today, I told her that we would have a dance party after lunch and she started cheering and hugging me. It was my favorite.



Clara still takes naps, which I love so very much. From 3p-5pm is quiet time in our home. Even the big kids stay quiet after their homework is done. Eli usually plays on his Kindle or PLAYS LEGOS or watches TV. It could very well be my favorite time of the day, when my home is still but full of the people I love with all of my heart.

This was the last hour I documented, for two reasons, 1) I have work to do and this was a lot of work. 2) the bright sun was fading and my light was dim. But my heart, my heart was definitely not.

Eli sings a song to her before bed. I tell her “Good night, sweet pea.” She replied “I’m a baby.” You’ll always be my baby, Clara. Always. Always. Always.




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  • Lyndsay Ploehn - Ok. This right here is exactly why I want/need to take your Mastering Manual class. It’s on my bucket list. Photography is a passion of mine that I so badly want to pursue more. We need to talk 🙂 Love the everyday life photos. Such wonderful memories captured!

  • Nancy Collins - They are just the cutest little people ever. Love them!!

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