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Noah turns 11!

Today, my sweet, caring, smart and funny Noah turns 11. It’s that time of year, one of my favorites, where both Anna and Noah are the same age for five days. I could say a million things about Noah but I’ll keep this brief.

Noah is thoughtful. He’ll do things for people because it makes him feel good but he loves making others feel good, too. Noah clears his plate at every meal and almost always ask for seconds. Noah doesn’t argue. Noah listens. Not just to me, but to everybody that speaks to him. Noah is compassionate. Noah is practical. If I give him a choice for dinner, he’ll ask which one is cheaper and also which one is easier for me. Noah loves so well. I learn from him daily how to love and forgive. Today, we celebrate this beautiful child, but truthfully, every single day I am grateful that he is my son. I could not be more proud or more excited to watch him grow up.

As usual, I sat down with Noah last night and asked him a few important questions…

So, Noah. What’s tomorrow? My Birthday.

How old will you be? 11


Are you excited about that? Yes, because I want to see what I will be like when I’m 11 and if I’ll be any different.

What are your plans for the day? Um, go to school and I’m giving candy to my classmates and I’ll see my friends and my family is coming over in the evening.

What did you pick to have for dinner? French toast and bacon and sausage.


What’s your favorite color? Orange

What’s your favorite song? any songs by Fantabulous

Tell me three highlights from when you were ten. Going to New Jersey and New York, taking a trip to Alabama and Christmas was awesome.



Do you enjoy having three siblings? Most of the time. What do you like about it? I like that I always have someone to play with and that they are nice and funny and they like to dance.

What is your favorite thing to do these days? I love playing my iPad, I usually play Minecraft or Planets vs. Zombies and Crossy Road.

What’s your favorite meal? That’s really tough because I love food. I think ziti.


What’s your favorite subject? Math. Why? I just like how you use numbers and I like making things bigger and smaller sometimes.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I’m not sure, maybe a math teacher or a video game designer.

Do you like that your Mom is a photographer? Yeah, well, I don’t like that she has to work all of the time but I like how she takes pictures of us when we dance on her bed and I like her studio and that it has a room that has hats and scarves and stuff that looks fashionable.


Do you like that your Dad works with computers? Yes, because I think computers are cool and I like how they are making improvements and that he knows all about the improvements and he can help with my technology problem, if I have any.5980059152_cdacd57c94_o

If you could change anything about the world today, what would it be? I would stop bullying.

Why do you think people are bullies? I think people are bullies because they have personal things that are going on in their lives that make them feel sad and they want the kids they are bullying to have the same emotion to make them feel better.

So, would you say that what bullies really need isn’t to be punished, necessarily, but maybe loved a little bit more? Yes.


What do you love most about Eli? I love that he is smart and creative and he’s pretty funny.

What do you love most about Clara? I love how she dances around and she’s a good cuddler.

What do you love about Anna? I like how she’s funny and she’s smart and how sometimes she’s always making sure everyone is okay.


What do you love most about your ding dong dog Harper? I like when she’s calm that she loves to cuddle and lick my hand. She also make me laugh. I love how she’s a ding dong and she isn’t very smart.

If you could do any three things tomorrow, what would you do? I would go to a waterpark, stay home from school and stay in my pajamas and eat a whole cake by myself.


What flavor cake would it be? Vanilla with Mom’s homemade peanut butter frosting.

Can you name three big accomplishments from this past year? I was named Student of the Month for this month at school, I rode the Demon at Six Flags and I read 11 books over the summer.


Noahs’ tenth year was truly remarkable. But I know for a fact that 11 will be even better.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

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  • Stillmary - What a wonderful interview for a wonderful boy! It’s easy to see why I copied the interview idea from you. They are just so awesome! And you set an amazing example! I love this one so much and the pictures – well, they’re awesome because you really are an awesome photographer!

  • Nancy Collins - I love the interview and pictures. As I told your mom, Noah turning 11 makes me feel very old. He’s only been out of preschool a year or so. Please give Noah a birthday hug for me and tell him I said Happy Birthday!

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