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Anna turns 12!

Today we celebrated Anna’s birthday. It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago today, she made me a mama. I love that she’s the one who taught me what it’s like to love something bigger than I’ve ever loved before. I love that she was my first baby to reach out to me to make her feel better, to make her feel loved, to make her feel like she was safe. I love that this girl, cuddled in my arms, as a baby, completely oblivious to the fact that I was soaking in every detail of her, from her tiny nails to her little toes, to the way her scent made my heart swell. I love that her love and her heart led me to know that she would some day be a big sister.

And friends, she is such a good big sister. She’s a mama at heart, always making sure everyone is okay, sometimes it drives me crazy because she worries too much but I love that she just wants everyone to be okay…she’s passionate, confident (but not overly so), she’s herself (which I love with all of my heart) and this girl is so, so funny. (and adventurous, I can not forget her courage and desire to try new things.)

I’m posting this late on her birthday, we’ve had a great day celebrating this wonderful girl. Last night, she and I sat down and I asked her a few questions, as I’ve done every year since she turned 4. Enjoy.


So, Anna…what’s tomorrow? My birthday.

How old are you going to be? 12 Are you excited? Yes, because when I’m older I can do different things.


What are you planning to do tomorrow? I plan to hang out with my cousin Jenna and my Mom is making me another cake and it’s going to be yummy and I’ll get more presents and a few people will come over.

What happened today? We had a birthday party and I got a lot of stuff and I was able to hang out with Jenna a lot.

Who is Jenna? Jenna is my best friend/cousin in the whole wide world.


Tell me about Jenna. She is funny, she gets me, we have the same interests and she’s pretty. She lives in Michigan.

How are you two able to stay close? We text each other and sometimes we Face time. Without that technology, would you guys still be close? Yes, we would send letters to each other. We would still be really close.


Can you tell me three things you loved about the year you were 11? I went to a One Direction concert. I went to Six Flags and New York and Gulf Shores. That’s four things.

If you could anything tomorrow to celebrate turning 12, what would you do? Spend the day with Jenna and Jenna’s Mom and my Mom.

What was your favorite song of this past year? I’ll name two : Steal my Girl and Night Changes by One Direction.


What’s your favorite food? APPLES. Is there a specific kind? Yes, I like fuji and jazz apples. How many do you think you eat in one week? At least 15. Which is why we always run out.

What’s your favorite meal? Taco salad.

And your favorite dessert? Cake and frosting.


Do you like that your Mom is a photographer? Yes, because she takes amazing photos and she’s really good and she meets lots of talented people. Her studio is really pretty.

Do you ever get to work with her? Yes, sometimes. I carry the props and help get the kids attention. One time I helped prepare her studio for a workshop.


Do you have a crush? Yes. Do you want to tell everyone who it is? Yes. Who is it? AnSel Elgort from The Fault in Our Stars

Do you like that your Dad likes video games? Yes, sometimes if we really want a game, he’ll let us get it. He plays a lot of different games with us.


What do you do in your spare time? I love to rainbow loom. How many bracelets do you think you make in a week? I’m not sure, maybe ten a week. I also love to watch the Weather Channel.

What’s your favorite subject? Band and social studies.


What’s your favorite state? That’s obvious. Let me think…Nevada. Utah. New Mexico. Oregon. Connecticut. Massachusetts. Alabama. New York and Illinois.

And Wisconsin.

AND ARKANSAS and of course Hawaii and Alaska.


Favorite color? Purple.

Favorite TV show? Weather Channel

Favorite Band? One Direction


What do you plan to be when you grow up? A meteorologist.

What are you most excited for in this upcoming year? I’m a little excited for middle school and summer.

How much do you love your mother? A lot. Like, an infiniti a lot.


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  • Kellyn - A very Happy Birthday to Anna!!

  • Jen tse - So so sweet!

  • Stillmary - What a great interview with an amazing girl. The pictures are incredible too! I loved it so much!

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