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Bed Dance Party — Northwest Indiana Natural Light Photographer + Mama

First and foremost, I am a Mama. Then, I’m a photographer. Combining the two, is my favorite. I’ve discovered a fun way to really challenge my technical and creative skills while capturing my two littlest ones. (and sometimes…ALL FOUR!) We’ve been holding dance parties on the bed and for the most part, it is so much fun.

Here’s the first set of the series…that’s right…I said series. These were taken back in February when it was negative seventy-billion below.

Eli and Clara 1734DSC_1505DSC_1695Eli and Clara 1708DSC_1758-Editjump 2049DSC_1974DSC_1978eli and clara switch 1973
DSC_1980DSC_2140Eli and Clara 5793

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