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The Everyday Sessions – Ice Cream

I photograph my children often but not nearly as often as most people would think. Last night, while eating dinner, the summer sun was shining so brightly, I looked at the kids and said “I have the best idea. Let’s have a summer session tonight!”

They groaned, Complained. Fell to the floor. and maybe cried a little.

BUT. I told them this session involved ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop and that there would be no posing – just eating ice cream.

They stopped complaining. Typically, we go to Dari Dip a few times month, we use the drive-thru and eat our cones in the car while listening to music. And then we get home and I give Clara’s car seat a bath. Last night was different, they could walk up to the window, without me and eat their ice cream outside. It was such a treat!

And so are the photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved taking them!

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  • Amy - Absolutely adorable! Love these photos!

  • Mandy - I’m a “stranger” but I’ve been reading your blog(s) for years. I first have to say I have missed “listening” to you every day over at folding laundry. Second, I love this post. I adore that Noah is holding on to both little ones in the first picture. I love that Clara isn’t sharing her ice cream in the second picture and that Noah’s face says, “what else is new?”. As a sorority sister of your sister, I’m amazed at how much I see Sarah’s profile in Anna in the second picture and of course, I’m obsessed with Anna laughing…makes me giggle too. Beautiful kids.

  • Amanda Ladd - Adorable!

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