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Eli is sitting on the floor watching his favorite Baby Einstein video, which automatically makes it MY favorite Baby Einstein video. He gets so excited at the beginning with the bumble bee waving and then the kids saying “hi!” in five different languages. He laughs and rocks his body back and forth, sometimes he gets really excited and blows air out of his nose and squints his eyes.

I should capture it. I will.


I’m feeling a variety of different emotions today, all good emotions with some anxiety mixed in but mostly really incredibly, happy, grateful emotions.

Yesterday, Brian and I ordered my dream camera. It’s not the absolute best camera on the market (it’s really freaking awesome, though.) It’s going to be so perfect for me and what I do. I’m feeling so many things, but mostly I am feeling so happy that my husband is TRUSTING in my ability to create and grow this business of mine that I love so much I can hardly believe it’s mine.

Everyday I feel like it becomes more and more me because it’s built on MY product, my eye…and it’s built on love. Love between families…


{I just snuggled with Eli until he fell asleep, I laid him down and took a shower, which makes today a total success since a shower was accomplished. Anyway.}

About my business…

I love doing what I do for a million reasons but one of the reasons I love it is for what hasn’t even happened, yet.

I envision, someday down the road, these two parents will be looking at photos and they’ll think

remember that day? We walked into that alley for the first time and we instantly fell in love? Remember how tired Elise was but how amazing she held up? The color of the leaves? The crisp air? How that evening she slept so soundly and our home was so quiet…like it is now, except now she’s in college and do you remember how she used to suck on those two fingers.


I love it for the interaction and the reaction.

Buldoc WM 4322

I love it because even though I get paid to do this, it’s so much more than a job to me. It’s my gift to you. Something you can’t buy at Walmart, Target, Penneys, Marshalls, Kohl’s, Babies r’ Us. I’m just revealing to you how I see you and I captured it and now it’s yours.



And even though I’m trying so hard to convey to you what this feels like, it’s a million times bigger, better, more heartfelt than you could ever realize.


This camera that will soon be landing on my doorstep, it’s more than a piece of equipment. It’s my vessel, my friend, my partner, it’s a symbol that my husband believes in me, it’s my beacon that will encourage me to continue to believe in my talent and to follow my heart.

It will be my teacher because I know I have so much to learn.

Today is a big day which will lead to much bigger days.


Not just for me but hopefully, for many.

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  • colormeroo - *big happy sigh* I love this…

  • Nell - Watching you embrace your talent of photographer makes my heart dance.

  • Laura P. - You have an amazing talent with capturing special moments. Your photos are wonderful…can’t wait to see some taken with your new camera. 🙂

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