Learning how to use your DSLR

I have been teaching Mastering Manual for almost three years now. It doesn’t get old for me, it just gets better.

This collage is made up of beautiful images and only one was taken by me (the bottom one). The rest were taken by my three attendees within the first two days (some, just hours) of taking my workshop. By the third hour of day one, they are shooting in manual.

mastering-manual-collage-resizedMy workshop is two days because I want this information to stick with you forever. I want these two days to be the catalyst that will drive you to a place where beautiful photos are all you know how to create.

It’s not just about shutter speed, aperture and ISO, it’s about art, and ways for you to foster your passion. It’s not just about composition and perspective and how to find the best light…it’s also about working with your littles in a way that is healthy and purposeful. I want you to take pretty photos, you, the mom, the teacher’s helper, the soccer coach, the toilet scrubber, the errand runner, the school pick-up person…YOU. I want YOU to follow your passion. I want YOU to take your photos to the next level. I want YOU to take time for YOU.

I want you to be able to look at your DSLR and control it. Completely.

Here are a few words from attendees who took my last workshop:

Michelle: “This workshop was a lot of fun. The small class size made it feel more like you were hanging out with friends learning your camera vs. the typical class setting. Lots of laughing, talking, and learning together. Beth was an amazing facilitator and we all instantly felt comfortable around her. 

I felt like before I was dating my camera…we would go out and have good times but it wasn’t always what I was looking for. This weekend proved again relationships can’t just be one sided. After taking this workshop and having a better understanding of my camera and how I can use it I am happy to say I am ready to take my relationship with my camera to the next level : ) 

I have always been passionate about photography and learned more this weekend than any class I’ve taken before. I very much enjoyed it and would recommend it to a friend without hesitation! Thanks for everything Beth and also to the other girls in the class with me for making it so awesome. I can’t forget to mention the chocolate choices were amazing and proved very helpful when things got stressful or when we celebrated getting that great shot!”

Becky: “Thanks for a great class. I feel like I’m well on my way to taking good pictures. I know what to look for and have the knowledge to at least figure out what I need to do. Hopefully I can finally do what I wanted and capture some great pics of my kids and family!

The class was super fun, loved that it was small and casual. You were able to make everything easy to understand. It was worth every penny I think and will appreciate the quality photos ill be taking from here on out!”

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Philips Family | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Family Photographer

I’m pretty sure I would consider this session my first fall session of 2014. The golden rod was sparse, the leaves were starting to turn and fall to the ground, yet many of the trees were still green. The air was cooler but still comfortable. I absolutely loved working with this family, the sweetness of the big siblings caring for their baby brother, the way they all just molded together, effortlessly. It’s one of my favorites.



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Glaros Maternity | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Family Photographer

I’m so excited to have been able to capture this family during this exciting time. Their little guys (twins) have just turned two and now they have a little girl on the way…any day now.

Not only are they a beautiful family, they are so sweet and fun and easy to photograph. I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

Glaros 9202Glaros 9290ORD_9417_1ORD_9417ORD_9436ORD_9455ORD_9456ORD_9473ORD_9485_1ORD_9485ORD_9501XRD_8798XRD_8835XRD_8853XRD_8876XRD_8882XRD_8899XRD_8926XRD_8969XRD_8985XRD_9010XRD_9030XRD_9038XRD_9128_1XRD_9128XRD_9155XRD_9160XRD_9185XRD_9194XRD_9199_1XRD_9199XRD_9202XRD_9233XRD_9241_1XRD_9241XRD_9248_1XRD_9248XRD_9262XRD_9269XRD_9274XRD_9293_1XRD_9293XRD_9321XRD_9335_1XRD_9335XRD_9342XRD_9347XRD_9362XRD_9373XRD_9383XRD_9404

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Zizzo Maternity Session | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Maternity + Family Photographer

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Niki twice during her pregnancies. She is such a stunning pregnant woman – Niki is due with number three (boy or a girl? We don’t know yet!) any day now. I thought I would share this beautiful session while we wait for her little one’s arrival!

DSC_1320DSC_1337DSC_1387DSC_1400DSC_1409DSC_1416DSC_1438DSC_1441DSC_1463 1DSC_1463DSC_1470DSC_1508DSC_1525DSC_1528DSC_1544DSC_1547DSC_1550DSC_1561 1DSC_1561DSC_1579DSC_1581DSC_1590DSC_1596 1DSC_1596DSC_1600DSC_1614DSC_1657DSC_1666DSC_1670 1DSC_1670DSC_1690DSC_1727DSC_1733DSC_1750DSC_1780DSC_1792 1DSC_1792DSC_1800DSC_1822DSC_1830DSC_1840DSC_1895DSC_1911DSC_1924DSC_1961DSC_2015DSC_2024DSC_2034DSC_2040DSC_2048DSC_2089

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